Welcome to the Gezellehoek

This features lots of useful information for our existing children and families, as well as those of you who wish to learn more about the school. The Gezellehoek is a multicultural regular primary school. The school ground is in the neighbourhood Kroeven. Around 130 children come to our school every day. There are 9 classes / groups of 15 to 20 children each. In our team there are approximately 30 colleagues, teachers, teaching assistants, office team, supporting personnel and the school leadership team. Because of our extensive team we can staff and support all our classes in the best way.

Motto Gezellehoek

Language is central

Language is pre-eminently the instrument to get in touch with each other. Our team has got a lot of expertise in the field of language that’s why our team we work with reading, Nt2 (Dutch as a second language) and vocabulary coordinators.

languageNIP and Transition Classes

At the Gezellehoek there is a day care for children who speak a foreign language, named foreign-language newcomers projects (NIP). There are transition classes as well, groups 3 and 6. The NIP-project emphasizes Dutch oral language skills such as speaking and listening. In our transition classes our educational program focuses on increasing the vocabulary. In all these groups we work with teaching assistants, they support our teachers and children.

important_devicesDigital is standard

Working with contemporary working methods is our standard. The children work with tablets, in order to get adequate support using our methods.

Forerunner in the field of Culture

Culture is an important part of the Gezellehoek. We approach this from the basic attitude that you may always be who you are.